Otherworld 2017: Tabula Rasa

Otherworld 2017

Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa means that Otherworld is your “blank slate”; it is only through your participation, self-expression and communal effort that the event comes alive. We welcome you to help fill the slate by running a theme camp, making some art, reveling in the immediate experience, spinning fire, rangering, dancing a dance, faff-ing, reflecting and releasing the past at temple, joining Jared’s juggalo workshop, consensually hugging a stranger, picking up MOOP, building and burning a runt effigy, or whatever else inspires you!

Important Dates:

  1. Event Date: June 23 to June 26
  2. Directed sale: Monday, May 8 7PM (invitations sent Monday, May 1 11PM)
  3. Public sale: Thursday, May 11 7PM
  4. Subsidy applications open: Sunday, May 7 7PM to May 21 7PM

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