Otherworld 2017

Tabula Rasa



The purpose of the Kindle Arts Society (which creates Otherworld) is to nurture creativity in everyone and to help kindle it into a fire of artistic self-expression. Otherworld is created to help artists, creators, makers, and performers display their offerings. In a sense, it is a temporary art gallery created to display the work of event participants. That’s why there is no entertainment provided (no paid performers or curated art). This is an event by creators, for creators. Please refer to the Art and Participation Guidelines for more information, including applications.


Theme Camps

Theme camps are the interactive backbone to Otherworld. They are communal spaces for people to gather for events, workshops, to dance, or just to cuddle.

If you’re interested in bringing a theme camp or art installation you are asked to fill out a placement request form (applications now closed)

Be realistic in the numbers of people you’ll have in your camp and your space needs. The more detail, the better. Let us know what you’re about; activities, workshops, available space for hosting events or workshops, adult oriented or not, sound at your camp, your LNT plan.

Art Placement

Do you want to have a space reserved for your art at Otherworld? Submit a placement application and we will find and reserve you an appropriate space! Otherwise, remaining space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. You may not put your art in an reserved spaces. Art pieces larger than 10 feet square must be registered for placement (unless the art will be inside your own theme camp space). [Applications now closed]


 Grant Cycles for Otherworld have now completed!