Mobile Art Policy

Otherworld 2017

Tabula Rasa

Otherworld Vehicle & Mobile Art Policy

With regards to vehicular traffic, the intent of Otherworld is to give preference to pedestrians and human powered vehicles (bicycles, etc). Therefore, motorized vehicles are restricted as follows:

  1. Prior to the event please indicate your intent to bring mobile sound by contacting by June 11th, 2017
  2. Motorized wheelchairs for people with disabilities may freely travel the Otherworld site.
  1. All other vehicles may be driven to your site with care upon arrival for the purposes of unloading, following which they are to be parked for the duration of the event in designated parking areas.
  1. Emergency vehicles are exempt from this policy, and allowances of vehicles for transporting event infrastructure will be allowed on a case-by-case basis


Mobile Sound Application and Approval

All human-powered vehicles that will include any sound amplification must be approved for use by the Otherworld Production team through the following application process.

  1. Prior to the event please indicate your intent to bring mobile sound by contacting us at by June 11th, 2017.
  2. You will be asked to provide the following:
    1. General description of the design
    2. Description or information on any sound system intended for use with the vehicle
    3. If intending to use vehicle at night, a comment on the proposed lighting plan
    4. A maximum of two persons must sign the application, which implies full responsibility for the vehicle and adherence to all OW policies and Code of Conduct


Use of Mobile Art Vehicles and Bicycles

Otherworld will have approximately 600 participants, the vast majority of whom are pedestrians who will be travelling the site via the main road that runs the length of the site. Being mindful of this reality, and associated hazards and risks, is essential.

The following rules must be observed at all times by all human powered vehicles:

  1. Always give the right of way to pedestrians and emergency services vehicles
  2. Adherence to the OW Sound Policy at all times
  3. If your mutant vehicle has flame effects, these can only be operated after inspection by the Fire Safety/Pyro lead. Note: Your fire effects must be in compliance with Kindlearts Fire Safety Plan
  4. Stop immediately upon being hailed by any OW Production lead, Ranger, Security, or law enforcement officer
  5. Obey and additional guidelines that may be set forth by Otherworld Production team.


Lighting Vehicles for Night Usage

  1. Vehicles intending to operate at night must have adequate lighting to ensure that all citizens are aware of the presence of a vehicle in the vicinity.
  2. The vehicle must be lit and viewable from all sides.
  3. If your lighting fails at night, you must immediately stop the vehicle, and when safe to do so, remove the vehicle to a spot off the main road where it shall remain parked until your lighting system is fixed.

Operation of a vehicle on site is a privilege that comes with responsibility! Failure to abide by the rules included here and contained in all other OW 2017 policies will result in requirement to park the vehicle, may result in loss of event privileges up to ejection from the event, and can impact your ability to attend at future Kindle Arts Society events.