Otherworld 2017

Tabula Rasa

Event Lead: Megan (Betty B) Will

The Doarch is the person who is responsible for the overall operation of Otherworld, including coordination of the various department leads, creation of the event budget, and reporting to the Directors of the Kindle Arts Society. The Doarch is appointed by the KindleArts Board of Directors based on an application process.

Volunteer Coordinator: Hiltz Tanner

Supporting the team leads with their volunteer related needs and ensuring sufficiently distributed volunteers.

Department of Public Works: Byron 

The Department of Public Works (DPW) are the team responsible to transport, set up, and tear down the infrastructure for services and art provided by Otherworld including DPW, Rangers, and the effigy.

Leave No Trace: Shannon and Esha

Participants at Otherworld are responsible to bring everything they need to survive AND to take everything home (including all garbage and recycling). The Leave No Trace makes sure they do.

Rangers:Ranger Big Pancake and Ranger Yonder

Otherworld’s Rangers are a group of volunteer mediators who serve as a non-violent security force for our community. The Ranger Leads assist in the training, coordination, and support of the Otherworld Rangers.

Placement: David Boon

To highlight highly interactive theme camps and art projects, the Placement Coordinator works with participants to reserve space at Otherworld to meet the project’s space needs.

Gate/Parking: Chris Cadell

Everyone attending Otherworld needs to be pre-registered. Registrations are confirmed at the gate, paperwork signed and wristbands issued.

Greeters: Chris M &Trevor S

Greeters welcome participants to Otherworld and make sure they are ready to attend the event.

Fire Performance: Ben T Forkx (Allen)

The Fire Performance Coordinator organizes the fire shows that happen each night.

Fire Safety: Xray November (Cam)

Lead contact for coordinating volunteers and securing a safe perimeter around any large fire art

Centre Camp: Sara Gamble

Centre Camp is a large decorated covered common space available for workshops, group interaction, and performance.

Happenings: Katie MacDonald (What, Where, When)

Any activities with a specific time and place are Happenings, and they’re listed in the Happenings (What, Where, When) Guide. See the Happenings page for more information [will be available closer to the event]. This position coordinates the Happenings, creates the guide, posts the schedules at the event, and works with the “town crier” to get the word out.

Ticket Masters: Jared Warren

Have a problem with your ticket? Need to get a refund on your ticket? Having problems with a Ticket Transfer? Contact the Ticket Masters!

Effigies: Team Sprout

Help to build the Effigy to be burned at the event.

Transport: Niko M

Got big stuff you want to get to and from the event? See info on the Transport page!

Fire Perimeter: Heather C

Lead contact for coordinating volunteers and securing a safe perimeter around any large fire art.

CORE Lead: Tara Pancake

The Conglomeration of Runt Effigies – always wanted to build and burn an effigy? Do it on a smaller scale! Let Tara know if you are interested.

Sound Marshall: Jennifer Peddle

Will be monitoring sound levels throughout the event and gathering data, helping to support or improve our event Sound Policy

Grants Chair: Blair Wilkinson

Board Liaison: Rose Neary

Connecting the Kindle Arts Board with event production teams

Safety: Edd Macdonald

Safety Third! Liaising with various departments to build a cohesive event Safety Plan, coordinating communications as necessary. If something bad happens – the Safety Lead is in Charge!!

Web/SG: Lorne (Content Updates)

Please include “Otherworld 2017” in message Subject