Otherworld 2017 Ticketing Information

Otherworld 2017


General Info

Price: $125 for age 13+, $0 for age 0-12

RV Hookups: $80 (only 5 spots available)

Payment accepted: Credit cards or PayPal

Event capacity: 600

There are no physical tickets – ticket holders must present government-issued ID with a name that matches the name registered with the ticket. When buying multiple tickets, only the buyer’s name will be on the tickets – all additional tickets must be transferred to their ticket holders. Tickets may be transferred until Monday, June 19 11:59PM. Refunds will be available within 7 days of purchase.

You must agree to BurnerTickets.com’s terms of service to buy a ticket. Using a ticket requires agreement with the waiver and code of conduct. Please review these documents before you buy a ticket and direct questions to tickets@kindlearts.ca

All attendees under the age of 18 must be registered with a parent or guardian 18 or older. Minors and parents or guardians must sign a minor consent form.

Last Chance Sale: Monday, June 5 7:00PM

Remaining tickets will be sold first-come-first-serve. Each adult ticket must be purchased with a separate Facebook account or account created on BurnerTickets (each account can purchase additional child and teen tickets).

Work Access Passes (Early Entry)

Unless otherwise stated, no ticket holders may enter the event before Friday, June 23 at noon. Work Access Passes for entry on Thursday, June 22 at noon are applied for in conjunction with theme camp and art placement. If you have any questions or concerns please email otherworld@kindlearts.ca.

Directed Sale: Ended Thursday, May 11 6:00PM

202 tickets were sold to Kindle Arts Society members and other contributors. If you would like a directed ticket next year, volunteer! If you purchased a directed ticket, you are still eligible to enter the public ticket lottery.

Public Ticket Lottery

On May 11 we attempted to hold a first-come-first-serve public ticket sale. After selling 16 tickets it was disrupted by a denial of service attack. We have decided that the most reliable and fair way to sell the 282 or more remaining tickets is using a lottery system. It will work like this:

  1. Register for the lottery between Sunday, May 14 7:00PM and Tuesday, May 16 7:00PM (no extensions). You can either login using Facebook or create an account on BurnerTickets.com. We have measures in place to prevent multiple registrations per person – please do not try to circumvent them.
  2. We take everyone who entered the lottery and put them in a queue in random order using a random number generator.
  3. We will email invitations to buy tickets to the first people in the queue.
  4. If you receive an invitation, you will have only 24 hours to buy one or two adult tickets (plus additional children’s tickets, and RV passes until they are sold out). Only the first adult will be prompted for a name and participation options – additional tickets must be transferred to the ticket holder after purchase.
  5. After 24 hours, those initial people are removed from the queue and the next people in the queue will be sent invitations to purchase the remaining tickets.
  6. This process will continue until we run out of tickets. You can check your position in the queue at any time.


Subsidy Ticket Applications: Sunday, May 7 7:00PM to May 21 7:00PM

You may apply for a subsidized ticket using this form. Tickets will be awarded based on need (not application time). Subsidy ticket minimum cost is $60 to cover infrastructure costs. Subsidy tickets are not transferable.

Medical Companion Tickets

Each full-price ticket is eligible for up to 2 companion tickets when medically required. Contact tickets@kindlearts.ca.

Community Tickets

Some tickets are allocated to the Huu-ay-aht First Nation – contact Pachena Bay Campground for details.


Please submit feedback about the ticketing process using this form.