Otherworld 2017

Tabula Rasa


Participation and Communal Effort are two of the most important principles of Burning Man culture.
At most events you buy your ticket and you are served entertainment to consume. At this event, purchasing your ticket is only the first step of the adventure. This event evolves and transforms into what you make of it. Without your participation, there is no event. Everyone is expected to add something to the experience of others at the event.
You are the entertainment!
Check out these options to see how you can get involved and become a Co-Creator of the Otherworld.

Art and Participation Grants Make some art, create a theme camp, or organize an event.
We will give you money to make fun things happen!
Otherworld Grant applications have closed for this year.

Volunteer Opportunities – These are the critical infrastructure volunteer teams that make the event happen. Without these teams, there is no event. Please consider giving a few hours of your time to one or more of these teams.

Become a Co-Creator – With so many art projects, theme camps, and events going on there are teams who need more help. They want you to become a Co-Creator with them for their project. Follow this link to post a request for more team members and to see where you can you assist others to make the magic happen.

What Where When?
This is the event guide book. If you want to have your event advertised to attract more people, then make sure you get your information into the What Where When.
If you would like to have a write up in the WWW guide, fill out this form. If possible, please provide photos (nudity OK). Make sure to include a photo credit. Deadline for WWW submissions is JUNE 11.