Otherworld: The End of the Road
June 23 – 26, 2017
Pachena Bay Campground | Bamfield, BC

THANK THESE PEOPLE…. give them consensual hugs

Megan Will – Do-Arch, Communications
Pam Bunny Lloyd – Event Co-lead, Placement Lead
Ying Ying Lee – Centre Camp Lead
Jared Warren – CORE
Big Art Inc. – Effigy Build Team
Allan Whysker – Fire Performance Safety Lead, Rangers Co-Lead
Edd MacDonald – DPW Lead, Fire Perimeter Lead
Cam Bremner – Fire Safety Lead
Chris Caddell – Gate Lead, Parking Lead
Heather Conquergood – Greeters Co-Lead
Daryl Boyer – Greeters Co-Lead
Bianca Gunther – LNT Co-Lead
Shannon Rands – LNT Co-Lead
Blair Wilkinson – Participation Grants Committee Chair
Chris Marks – Placement Co-Lead
Lori Ravenstorm – Rangers Co-Lead
Edward White – Temple Build Lead
Cam Hacault – Tickets Co-Lead
Nato Welch – Tickets Co-Lead
Tagg Richardson – Transport Lead
Renee Richardson – WWW, Art Grants Chair



Early Entry
Early entry starting Thursday at noon ONLY for those who have been issued early entry passes. If you don’t have an early entry pass, follow the regular entry guidelines below.
Regular Entry
Please bring your legal picture ID. This is your ticket!
There will be no access to the site outside of the hours listed unless you have made special arrangements in advance.

Gate Hours
Friday: noon – midnight | Saturday: 10am – 8pm | Sunday: no entry!



Need help? Ask for a Ranger!
Rangers are participants who volunteer a portion of their time in service of the safety and well-being of the Burning Man community. Rangers act as non-confrontational community mediators, providers of reliable information, facilitators of public safety, and navigators of the edge of chaos. Day or night, pairs of Rangers can be found walking the site, engaging with the community, enjoying the art, and always ready to help sort things out. Otherworld can be overwhelming sometimes, just like life! If you or a friend is having a difficult experience, and you need some quiet time, ask a ranger about Otherworld Sanctuary. This space is set aside for people in emotional distress (whatever the cause) and their supportive friends.



LNT pre-clean up and volunteer meeting, Monday at 10am at Centre Camp! We have TWO hours to clean up this mess, and YOU have agreed to help. WE are so grateful that you’ve signed up to grab a garbage bag and a recycling bag, and deploy with a smile on yiour face and a skip in your step. Thank you for helping to get the beach and campsite more pristine than when we arrived! Find us at Faffway House if you have any pre-meeting questions.
– Bianca & Shannon
Centre Camp – T34
Effigy and Temple burn locations – beach near T12
First Aid – T29
Rangers/Sanctuary – T33

Theme Camps
Adventure Camp – T44
Art Space – T52
Bonkers Empire – T53, T54, T54A
Burning Glam – T20, T21
Empress – T47, T48
Fafffway House/Body Break – T39, T40, T43
Friendzied Serenity – T18, T19
Jellyfish Lounge – T10, T11
Lost Goats Mead Hall – T30, T31, T32
Love and Bass – T61, T62, T63, T64
Nap Camp – T24
Rainbow Tramp Camp – T25
Say “Please” Asshole (S.P.A.) Camp – T9
Shits and Giggles – R18, T3, T4, T5
Witches Brew – T12

Art Installations
Fire Art Garden (Brood, Clit of Sauron, Fire Limbo of DOOM, The Little Big Lebowski) – beach near T46-T52
Kissing/Hugging/Bad Advice Booth – T34 Centre Camp
Moshi Moshi – beach path near T20
Orca Project – beach near R3
Pig Roast – T59
Sacred Geometry Drawing Tent – beach near T25


Burning Man Founder Larry Harvey created the Ten Principles in 2004 as guidelines for the newly-formed Regionals Network. They were crafted as a reflection of the community’s ethos and culture as it has developed since the event’s inception. Because Otherworld is an official Burning Man event, the event must abide by the Ten Principles. The Ten Principles are listed below with a condensed, locally crafted description for each. For the full Larry Harvey descriptions, please visit www.burningman.org.
Burning Man encourages the individual to discover, exercise and rely on his or her inner resources. Besides your physical needs, which you obviously want to take care of, take care of your mental and emotional needs. Burner events are great fun, and sometimes they can be hard. Be prepared to step up to the challenges. Plan as if you are the only one who prepared for this journey.

gifting – share! there’s more than enough to go around
civic responsibility – be the change you want to see in the world
decommodification – don’t buy into all that capitalism bullshit
radical inclusion – immerse yourself in your community. and while you’re at it, headline a talent show
radical self-expression – chaps welcome
leave no trace (LNT) – you pack in in, you pack it out. along with all the garbage you found from the last irresponsible camper
radical self-reliance – doesn’t mean you can’t ask for help when you need it
communal effort – help out when you can. and put your shoulders into it!
immediacy – don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today. especially a consensual hug, gifting a beer-o-gram, doing tai-chi for the first time, beach combing for jellyfish, enjoying a hot shave in the forest, LARPing, or gazing on some truly stunning art
participation – see all of the above


Giant lightweight LED building blocks! People of all ages are encouraged to play with these.

Kaunānā Honu
Kaunānā Honu is an interactive paper maché lamp that hangs from the trees. During the day, the turtle is lowered to the ground for adults and children to play with. By night the turtle provides ambient lighting from high in the trees.

The Light House Series
These stationary markers will demonstrate one of the 10 principles of Burning Man, each exploring a different principle in a different way. The units are intended to be part of an evolving, much larger piece of art that will continue to grow with each season.

Moshi Moshi
In the modern world, our communication is equivalent to magic.
Moshi Moshi combines the aesthetic of old phone technology with the leading edge of interactive light and sound technology. Moshi Moshi is a geometric cloud with six telephones connected to it. When a person speaks into one of the phones, their voice is turned into light, travels up into the cloud, and then down to another phone. These two phones are then connected for a brief time. They switch at random points, allowing participants to randomly interact with friends they haven’t met yet!

The Orca Project
Imagine a large-scale wooden sculpture of a pod of three orca traveling through the ocean, backed by a soundscape of whale sounds and subdued lighting. The installation will lead participants to examine our human relationships with each other as a community through the display of an elaborate and sophisticated community structure found elsewhere in nature, namely a pod of orca.

FIRE! …on the beach

Burn Schedule
Friday @ 10pm – C.O.R.E.
Saturday @ 10pm – Effigy
Sunday @ 9:15pm – Temple
Come early and make new friends!

Conglomeration Of Runt Effigies (C.O.R.E.)
Runt Effigies are little. Anyone can build one. They Conglomerate on the beach. Then they burn.

Homo Futurus: The End of Sapiens
This year’s effigy will ask two fundamental questions about our evolution as Sapiens: What are the advancements that have elevated us to our current level of progress? And; How do we embrace where we are going next as we transform the human condition, integrating sophisticated technologies to enhance human capacity?
As humanity, we stand on the ever increasing advancement of civilization, reaching up towards our next evolution of the species, Homo Futurus.
Choreographed Fire Show will start the Effigy burn.

The Temple at the End of the Road is a simple tent structure of wood and fabric. Participants may use it for contemplation and reflection, as quiet space, or as a memorial (letters, journals, art). We welcome messages written on both the blank interior and exterior walls (brushes provided).
Continuous Flame Fire Show to follow.

Fire Art Garden

Fire art will be lit just after sunset Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Brood is a Black Widow spider made out of recycled metal. The installation is designed to be a chill-out space. At night when Brood is on fire, beautiful flame art will be displayed underneath the spider’s body. It is a peaceful, relaxing, and inspiring experience to hang out under Brood’s belly and to marvel at the infinte flame patterns. Come join us at night, warm up, and share your stories!

Clit of Sauron
Come visit ever-burning Clit of Sauron! Built in a group workshop in Victoria, the piece will gracefully light the beach at night.

Fire Limbo of Doom
Ever seen limbo dancers? How about Fire Limbo dancers!? It’s audience participation time! And a GREAT photo op too! Come join in!
IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t be wearing anything synthetic! NO PLAY IF YOU WEAR PLASTICS!! Brought to you by Bentforkx via generous art grant from Kindle Arts Society.

The Little Big Lebowski
Bowling with fire! Come down in costume. If it’s any good you might be gifted a White Russian. No peeing on the carpets.


Adventure Camp
C’mon grab your friends, we’ll go to vaguely distant lands. With foamed up swords and a little acting, the fun will never end: it’s Adventure Camp!
Adventure camp is a simple and straightforward introduction into the world of Live Action Roleplay. Our crew has a combined 16+ years of experience running LARP groups, events, and workshops. We invite you to rediscover play: exercise your imagination with us and enhance your Otherworld experience through immersive roleplay.
Stop by and learn the basics of safe swordplay in our training ring, then graduate into a fantasy persona of your own! Grab a weapon and embark on one of many quests that will send you across the festival grounds to strange and distant camps.
Looking for a bigger, more epic adventure? Join us for one of our group campaigns through the surrounding trails.
Space may be limited, so come sign up at the camp to save a spot!
Can’t get enough? Check out one of our workshops and forge your own LARP-safe weapon out of materials you can find in any hardware store. Or, ask about out how to start a LARP group of your own in your community.

Art Space
Open all weekend
A place for participants to gather, create and collaborate on a shared piece of art. No previous experience necessary, you will have the opportunity to paint/colour within the lines (or not) on several canvases in the style of a giant adult colouring book. There will also be space for those who wish to explore the fine art of splatter painting. Face your fear of painting, lower your expectations, throw on a smock and help us create a “masterpiece.”
Zaireeka and Friends
Otherworld’s favorite and most immersive daytime musical event is back and better prepared than ever. Join us for the annual daytime journey into quadrophonic sound as we screen The Flaming Lips’ seminal “Zaireeka”, Zappa’s “Quaudiophiliac”, and much more. This is an opportunity to share stories, make art, reconnect with new and old friends, and take your ears on an aural journey unlike any other. Put on your listening shoes and prepare accordingly for this unique and psychedelic experience as we enter a four dimensional soundscape large enough for you and all your bunnies.

Bonkers Empire
Forest Hams @ Bonkers Empire
Welcome Ham! The Forest Hams are located at Bonkers Empire and are a series of funky, handmade hammocks nestled in the trees. They are coupled with a large rope web so you can climb, play, swing, snuggle and take a booze nap all in one spot. Come hang with us… but please remember “if the ham is a rockin, don’t come knockin.”
Old School Bar School *must be 19+
Silver Lining Bar @ Bonkers Empire, Sunday 1pm- 2:30pm
Silver Lining Bar will offer a cocktail workshop. Want to know more about creating a better liquid diet for you and your friends? Then this is the place for you! We will be using fresh squeezed juices and learning basic preparation techniques…with a couple historic stories throughout. There are six workstations (first come basis) or you are welcome to watch and listen.
In the first half we will focus on working with herbs and making garnishes – we will make a cocktail that showcases these as cocktail ingredients and additives. In the second half we will focus on infusions and making bitters. Who knows how many or what bevies we will make after we go over making some fun and funky flavoured items where you are in control not Smirnoff.

Burning Glam!
Opening Night Fashion Show, 7pm Friday
Come strut your stuff and get the first crack at all the goodies! Hair and makeup stations, accessories, jewellery, shoes, photo booth and more! Our store is bigger than ever and you don’t want to miss the runway show! No need to sign up in advance, just come on by and see if you feel inspired, or watch the action.

The Empress Theme Camp
Come to The Empress, the last bastion of a failed empire! Every afternoon our gracious hosts and hostesses hand-serve you selections from our tea menu along with light snacks! Every evening the opening of our tea room is announced by our gas-lit lamp post and a small flame effects display. Enjoy sheesha smoking and tea service, followed by self-service tea into the night.

The Fafffway House and Body Break present: Whiskey & Whores
The Fafffway House is a place to get crafty, a place to dance, a tribute to Otherworlds-Past. It’s a place to encourage gathering, sippin’ whiskey & talkin’ the creation of art, no matter how small or how ambitious. When people create together, their thoughts grow and evolve upon each other, connecting ideas and providing real and exciting opportunities for fafffing. Come faffft (the extra T is for “together”) with us! And… we still had the saloon doors… what did you expect?
Body Break will provide Otherworldians’ bodies and minds a place of temporary solace and relaxation, and create a safe space for opportunities to be intimate within the chaos outside. Our Hugs & Snugs tent is a refuge and intimate space; no matter what’s going on outside, you will feel connected with yourself and those around you. During our Hours of Operation, hosts will be in attendance to facilitate should you need hugs, perhaps a cuddle, or have any questions. Mutual consent is of utmost importance.
Make Buttons! Friday night, Saturday day, Sunday morning
The Button Maker will be set up, fafff on by and make a few! Make your own Fafffway House and Otherworld schwag, and make unique wearable art! We’ve been fafffing far and wide for awesome, recycled materials for you! Make Buttons to gift! Make Buttons for yourself! Make Buttons!
Dinner Philosofafffy (BYOdinner) with Terry & Edward, Friday dinner time
Join Terry & Edward as they philosofafff Sex Work as Social Work. What better place to discuss this topic than at Whiskey & Whores! Involvement in the conversation is encouraged! Bring your dinner, and faffff with us!
The Hugs & Snugs Tent will be Open! Friday dinner time
The Hugs & Snugs Tent with Pants On will be Open! 10am – 2pm
Disclaimer: Saturday 10amish-2pmish (During the Otherworld open house). As these events will take place during the Otherworld Open House, the Fafffway House will be requiring participants to have their pants ON.
Body Break Massages with Pants On! 10am – 2pm
Two massage tables & masseuses on staff are ready to help you release the tension of your adventures through either therapeutic or sensual massage.
HOT SHAVES with Pants On! 10am – 2pm
The Barber will be giving hot shaves on a first come, first served basis. With years of experience, using the sharpest of blades, it’s both relaxing and a little terrifying. You’ll slide away smooth as a glass of whiskey on a summer’s eve.
Workshop: Craffft n’ Fafff with the Fafffway House! 10am – 2pm
Come fafff with us to complete the Cedar Garden’s project. They’ve been faffffing all Spring and need your help! You’ll learn how to fashion flowers out of cedar bark in our cozy, laid-back environment, and help finish a project to be featured Sunday at Otherworld!
Whiskey & Whores’ End of the Ho’s Hip Hop Party! 2pmish – til the whiskey’s gone
Join us dressed in your whoriest and/or hip hop attire for Whiskey & Whores’ ol’ fashioned whiskey tasting, the way Mama used to – with a fafffternoon Hip Hop Party featuring The Funky Hermit! ****The Fafffway House graciously accepts donation bottles of unopened Whiskey to serve during our “End of the Ho’s” Hip Hop Party, Saturday afternoon!****
The Hugs & Snugs Tent will be Open! 8pm – late/early
Sunday Morning FunkSoulBreakfast Party!
Stumble out of bed for our pancake breakfast! We’ll supply you with delicious pancakes as we groove to The Funky Hermit. Supply us with bacon to share – we will cook it, and share it. Funk and fafff all morning long! While supplies last.
The Hugs & Snugs Tent will be Open! 10am – 2pm
HOT SHAVES 10am-2pm
The Barber shaves anything and everything you ask him to. You’ll slide away smooth as a glass of whiskey on a summer’s morn.
Body Break Massages! 10am-2pm
Two massage tables & masseuses on staff are ready to help you release the tension of your adventures through either therapeutic or sensual massage.
The Hugs & Snugs Tent will be Open! After the Temple Burn to late/early

Friendzied Serenity
Arts & Craft Happy Hour, daily 3pm – 5pm
A chill lounge in the suburbs. Come relax in the shade and try one of the special Kiwi drinks away from the hustle & bustle of the Esplanade. We feature arts and crafts, fun dance parties, relaxing with coffee in the morning, and fun and laid back people.

Jellyfish Lounge
All things Jelly at this camp… all weekend long! Pop by for a Jello shot :)
Jellyfish Cafe, 8am – noon Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Start your day off right with coffees and teas made by our master barista! BYO cup – you’ll be back for seconds!
Jelly Greeters
The Jellies will be greeting arrivals at the gate around 2pm
Jellyfish Jog, 10am
Rounding up the troupes around 10 am for an 11am departure. We plan to pull up our jellyfish socks and jog the beach for reals!! Jogging with coffee and baileys permitted. Get a little exercise, beach comb for jellyfish, and get a wonderful start to your day.
Jellyfish Art Hour, 3pm – 5pm
Come join us in making Jellyfish art to take home! Make a jellyfish from recycled materials or paint clothes using jellyfish stencils. Or both! Bring your own recyclables and clothes, or rummage in our sharesies bin. All art supplies provided.
Reveal Jellybean Jar Winner
Guess how many jellybeans are in the jar and you could win!! Jello shots provided to help you with guessing.
Fancy Jellybean Tastings
Stop by late Sunday for fancy jellybean tastings. By now you will have mastered our handshake and hug, so you could get a jello shot.

Lost Goats Mead Hall
The Lost Goats are putting up a big tent for our Viking Mead Hall! Offering honey mead to the willing and adventuresome. Quests and challenges will win our respect and we will reward the courageous with mead. Join us around the propane brazier in the evenings to toast to Valhalla! We’re planning to be open Saturday afternoon. We’ll be open at other times, mid-afternoon to early evenings, depending on whim. Come by and visit.

Love & Bass
A misfits collective of the finest purveyors of quality electronic music, which we’ll host in our Ocean Space, an underwater-outer-space-themed geodesic dome. We aim to create musical journeys that echo the flow of the night, curating scheduling so that intensity peaks after sunset and before 1 am, with low energy sets in the afternoon and in the few hours after midnight. Come on by the dome for an updated schedule, and a healthy serving of Love & Bass <3
Kids Onesie Dance Party, 7 Friday
Will start after dome set-up is complete. Kids will be encouraged to get on their Space Face or Sea their Faces at our painting station. Our Space Fluff cotton candy station will be supplying out-of-this-world sugary goodness!
Double Laser Harp,
After dark Fri / Sat / Sun
Come, interact with beams of light to ignite new light! Bring your musical prowess to play a piece on this terrific new instrument, or just stop by to make some pretty lights and fun sounds!

Love Bus
The mission of Love Bus since 2012 has been to hold space for the community to create loving and meaningful connections with each other. The Love Bus is an ongoing art and community building project. It is a 40′ pink school bus with a huge ball pit inside to play or relax in, and a mesmerizing LED array on the ceiling to set the mood.

Nap Camp*
Napcamp is a comfortable, cozzzy place to go when you need some afternoon shut eye. Come to our relaxing camp to enjoy some ambient music, a bedtime story and a soft place to lay your head. Check our posted schedule for story times & other special events. Nocturnal schedules will include shenanigans and a comfortable spot to chill, be cozy and listen to the absurdity.
*naps not guaranteed

Otherworld Sanctuary
If you or someone you know is in crisis and need to chill out in a relaxing environment, this is the place for you. Rangers on duty can help you find the Sanctuary and will stay to help as needed.

Rainbow Tramp Camp
Where the road meets the beach an otherworldly landscape emerges, where bouncing is the norm and a rainbow light bathes the sky. where bouncing is the norm and a rainbow light bathes the sky. Populated by an alien race that thrives on color, all things round, and the occasional meeting with mermaids, they offer sacred geometry and pastie making for everyone.
The sacred geometry coloring tent, open at all times
Express your inner creative side!
Saturday 12pm-2pm – Pasty Making
Saturday 2pm – 2nd Annual Mermaid Swim
Bring your best mermaid/ocean safe outfit and take the plunge with us. We intend to initiate a mermaid swim in the ocean.
***Due to safety concerns with trampolines, our camp is only open to children under direct supervision of their parents and/or guardians and we ask that they limit their stays to reasonable times. One of our trampolines will be dedicated to lounging all hours and the other will be reserved for bouncing.

Say “Please” Asshole (S.P.A.) Camp
S.P.A. camp is Small but Plenty Amazeballs! Let our Spa Practitioners (amateurs, mostly) rub you, scrub you, paint & polish you, till you scream.. “NO MORE!”
Stop by Friday afternoon to book a 30min slot between 1-3pm on Saturday or Sunday. Or by special appointment with an elusive GOLDEN TICKET (Willy Wonka factory tour not included.) Happy Ending optional with any service, and offered as a group activity on Sunday. So say ‘please,’ asshole, and be pampered.
Friday, 1pm-3pm – sign-up for the weekend.
Saturday & Sunday, 1pm-3pm – 30min (or longer) massages, foot scrubs, pedi/manicures, pampering (adult cloth diapers), and Happy Endings delivered.
Sunday 3pm – Group storytime!
Happy Ending: a raunchy retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, where she makes sure she gets her Happy Ending.

Shits and Giggles Camp
Tall Paul’s Killer Cereal Bar, 9am-ish to early afternoon
Still up from Friday night’s festivities and looking for a low-key place to chill? Or perhaps you are up after your requisite 8hrs of beauty rest and are looking to ease into your day. Come to Shits and Giggles Camp for Saturday morning cartoons and enjoy a big bowl of nostalgia while relaxing with our favorite cartoons from the 80’s s and early 90’s. Did you have a sugar-free childhood? Well, it’s time to make up for it with all those high fructose puffs and colourful marshmallows passed off as a complete breakfast peddled by maniacal cartoon characters. There will be dairy-free and gluten-free options while supplies last. If you are looking for something a little harder to get your day started right, we will also be serving cereal-themed libations. BYO cup, bowl and spoon.

Witches Brew
Witches’ Brew is inspired by the night and the comforts of warm tea. We will be serving hot, delicious chai tea each evening to help you ward off the night’s chill. We will also have a curated collection of herbal teas. Candle-lit, cauldron-bubbling, come join us. We will provide some semi-comfortable seating and a mellow atmosphere.



%Temple! Sunday from dusk until midnight
Not everyone wants to be quiet and contemplative for an emotional, somber experience at the temple burn. We want loud music, bad attitudes, and whiskey. Bring your anger management issues – we have foam bats, a whiskey slide, and all the beer from OOPS! Look for the ruckus in the noisy zone near the Bonkers Empire.

Gathering of the Juggalos
Sunday 2pm at Centre Camp
The Gathering of the Juggalos is an outdoor rap & rock music festival, lovingly referred to as the greatest family reunion on earth! This is an independently run event which remains the only festival untarnished by corporate sponsorship so we can do whatever the fuck we want (to a reasonable limit). Also, to make things even better, is the fact that this year heralds the 17th Gathering! Which is a sacred number that has always resonated deep within the Juggalo world.

It has been said that people need a minimum of 8 hugs a day for general well-being. SassyPants (monkey) will be wandering Otherworld offering a selection of 20 different hugs, ranging from the Awkward to the All-In, for fellow citizens to choose from. Hugs are a healthful dose of kindness and connection delivered straight to your soul! (All hugs are guaranteed 6 seconds, with consent). Let’s get huggy with it!

Brunch o’clock ‘till dusk-ish
The OtherwOrld Postal Service is coming back for its third year! We will deliver Beer-O-Grams to participants during our irregular business hours. All participants are welcome to request and receive Beer-O-Grams, while supplies last. New this year, OOPS! will have sound. We’re excited to host a dance event Sunday night at Bonkers Empire.

Rancho Breakfasto!
Saturday – 11am ’till we run outta food
Have a hankerin’ for Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass as you ramp up your Saturday on a bellyfull of huevos rancheros? You’ve come to the right place! Look for the blue hippie van on the beach side. BYO plate, cutlery, and cup. While supplies last.

Tai Chi Flow
Saturday 10am, north end of beach near the creek
Wake up with a relaxing series of creative movements designed to open all the joints and stimulate the nervous system. Commune with the beautiful environment through breathing practices and meditation in motion. This is a guided class from one movement to the next in a gentle flow. No experience required.