Theme Camps, Art and Placement

Otherworld 2017

Tabula Rasa

Theme Camp (and Art) Placement

So you want to bring a theme camp to Otherworld. We love theme camps! They’re the backbone of the event: a place for people to gather; to have parties and workshops; to dance and connect (and nap).

If you’d like to request a reserved spot for your camp you need to complete the questionnaire and submit it before Monday, May 15th (11:59pm) (form is live Monday, April 17th). When filling out the form, give us as much detail as possible. As much as we would love to, we cannot guarantee placement, especially if we receive a lot of requests. In consideration of others who will be requesting space, please only ask for what you need (no land hogging), and be prepared to share a campsite if necessary.

If you’re planning to bring a large scale art installation, please fill out the relevant sections of the form. Be sure to include footprint, name of installation, if you’re using power or fire, and any other necessary details. Link to the form here!

The beach: there is no camping or alcohol allowed. If you are requesting space for art or theme camp areas on the beach, please keep this in mind (no bars or personal tents).

A NOTE ABOUT EARLY ENTRY: there are a limited number of Work Access passes, and we cannot guarantee you will receive the number you request (or any, for that matter).  Early arrival starts at noon Thursday. If you do receive a Work Access pass, make sure everyone you’re travelling with has one. We will turn away people at the gate if they arrive before noon on Friday without an early arrival pass.

If you’re unconcerned about being pre-placed at the event, and just want to camp wherever the wind blows you, you can forget you ever heard about this. If you would like to have a write up in the WWW guide, fill out this form. If possible, please provide photos (nudity OK). Make sure to include a photo credit. Deadline for WWW submissions is JUNE 11.

One more time….Form is found here!

OW Placement 2017

“Wherever you go, there you are”