Volunteer Opportunities

Otherworld 2017

Tabula Rasa




Participation is one of the Ten Principles that we strive to abide by. Otherworld is an ‘all hands on deck’ event – no spectators – everyone is an active participant that makes the event awesome. When you purchase your ticket, you’ll be asked to choose a department to volunteer with. Below is a description of the options that will be available. In addition, your ‘participation’ can be volunteering as part of the production team or as a part of a core part of a theme camp team. If this is your volunteer choice, you’ll provide some info under ‘Other’.


Do you love being assertive, playing Tetris and wearing black? Join the Otherworld 2017 Gate Crew. We’re looking for Gaytekeepers on a variety of shifts Friday and Saturday to assist with entry and parking operations.

Click the volunteer Gayte box. Do it. Now. You know how bad you want it.



A greeter’s role is to enthusiastically welcome participants to Otherworld. At the greeter station, you will welcome each and every person to the site, hand out fun swag, dole out hugs, and generally have a blast while encouraging new arrivals to leave the default world behind. Doing a greeter shift together is a super fun activity for theme camps!



Leave No Trace is just that! Our community respects the environment. We are committed to leaving no physical trace of our activities wherever we gather. We clean up after ourselves and endeavour to leave such places in a better state than when we found them. Volunteers will pick up MOOP (Matter Out Of Place) whether it was left by our participants or not. Roaming LNT Volunteers will also engage with attendees during the event to educate them about what it means to truly Leave No Trace.



Who are the BC Rangers?

They are your friends and peers. You may know one already. They’re like Scouts for Burners. This volunteer option has some pre-event training requirements.

What do BC Rangers do?

The Rangers are dedicated to ensuring event participants are safe and having a good time. See https://otherworld.kindlearts.ca/rangers/ for more info



Transport is a great way to get your volunteer hours before or after the event so you can fully enjoy every moment at Otherworld carefree. Many hands make light work. We need willing folks to help get the transport truck loaded the Wednesday before the event, help loading up on Monday and unloading the Tuesday after.


Fire performance and Fire Performer Safety

Fire Performer:

  •        Inspire AWE with your fire performance skills
  •        Attend the “Mandatory” Performance Orientation
  •        Estimated time commitment 5-10 per set, per show
  •        Would be appreciated if you could help out with other roles when not performing

Fueling Station Manager:

  •        Attend the “Mandatory” Performance Orientation
  •        Maintains order around the fueling depot, minimizing crowding etc.
  •        Monitors spillage and clean up
  •        Removes empty fuel cans and ensures full ones are available
  •        Keeps non Fire Performers out of the fueling area
  •        Estimated Time commitment 35-45 minutes/ per show

Tool Technician:

  •        Attend the “Mandatory” Performance Orientation
  •        Responsible for extinguishing fire tools as performers leave the performance area
  •        When not attending to tools, act as another set of eyes monitoring the current fire performers
  •        Help keep non Fire Performers out of the Staging area
  •        Estimated Time Commitment 35-45 minutes/ per show

Fire Spotters:

  •        Attend the “Mandatory” Performance Orientation
  •        Monitor the current fire performers for accidental costuming fires.
  •        Assists with Fire Tools straying into the audience performance viewing area.
  •        Estimated Time Commitment 35-45 minutes per show


Fire Perimeter

The fire perimeter crew establishes and maintains the line between the audience and the art to be burned. Fire perimeter is an exciting and important volunteer position that is essential for a successful effigy burn. Being part of a fire perimeter crew is a super rewarding new way to experience an effigy burn. Although you’ll be facing away from the effigy, watching the faces of the audience reflect the burn (in the case of pyrotechnics, literally), and having the closest seat in the house is an experience you can’t replicate. Without a strong fire perimeter team, the effigy cannot be burned.

For an in depth how-to check out this link: http://burningman.org/event/art-performance/fire-art-guidelines/safety-perimeters/


Fire Safety

Fire art is part of the essential fabric of Otherworld, and to keep creating fire art, we need to do so safely. Whether you’re incorporating fire into your art installation, theme camp, Mutant Vehicle or performance, it’s essential that you don’t harm others or the venue.


The mission of the Fire Safety team is to provide experienced support for fire artists and to ensure the safe use of fire at the Otherworld event.Fire Safety takes many forms at Otherworld and offers many ways to participate. Some roles require specific training, certification, and experience, while others are open to all who are interested. Some of the roles that you can help fill to earn society membership are:


Fire Warden – Tends the fire after an art burn and stays with it until it is out, or puts it out when everyone has gone to bed. This is perfect for someone who likes the long game. Standing by the softly glowing embers, adding wood as needed or desired, interacting with passers by drawn like moths to the warmth and light. The Fire Warden is a keeper of the flame, ensures participant safety, and is able to seek help if required. The best part is that they decide when it’s over. Their final duty is to extinguish the remaining coals before seeking further adventure in the night.

Fire Fighter – Uses hoses and/or extinguishers during large art burns to respond to and put out unwanted fires.

Pyro and Burn Crew – certification and experience required. Please get in touch if you have art burn experience, NFPA FF training, or pyro or fireworks certification.
If any of these Fire Safety roles sound interesting to you, please get in touch with OWfiresafety@kindlearts.ca and choose this box when you purchase your ticket to the event.