OtherWorld 2017 Effigy: SPROUT

Image: B;ack slate with "Sprout" written on it.
All things wondrous start with a blank slate, a Tabula Rasa. For some, it’s a place: a desert or a beach. And from that space comes a possibility: somebody draws a line in the sand and a seed of an idea germinates.

And sprouts!

This year’s Effigy is called Sprout, and it plays on the idea that a tiny sprout holds the potential for immense beauty, should the right combination of factors come along to nurture its growth.

That’s why Sprout will need the participation of many to blossom into its full bright potential. Come down to the beach and coax the sprout into bloom.

Brought to you by Team Sprout: Clamb, Dorothy, Big Pancake, Lil’ Pancake, Goatboy, and Chris